The It List & a yummy summer shake

I’ve raved about Megan McCafferty before. I love the Jessica Darling series. If you haven’t read it, I’ll wrap it up for you right here: Strong young female loves herself enough to pursue her dreams despite boys. But she still loves the boy…. Young girls, we love(d) the boys. Some of us lost ourselves because of it. The Jessica Darling series is a great one for young women. But I have a young girl. And the content of the Jessica Darling series was just not appropriate for her yet.

Enter the prequel: The IT List by Megan McCafferty. Jessica Darling enters seventh grade. She has her best friend. She has her own personal style. She has a sister that was the IT girl of high school. She hasn’t a clue how this is going to turn out.

I enjoyed this prequel much more than other series that have attempted this feat. Frequently, a prequel feels like an attempt to monopolize on a series monetary success. I find that frequently a prequel offers very little to the actual story at all. Why bother?

I found The IT List to be very relevant – needed! I’m able to introduce this strong – though filled with self-doubt – young lady to my young lady when she needs her the most. My tween is just forming the teenager she’s going to be. If I wait until 17 to introduce her to the strong young lady, it’s too late!! Additionally, McCafferty actually ties in real references from the Jessica Darling series. In that series Jessica reflects upon middle school – and then she actually incorporates these references into The IT List. -Proof positive, it’s not an afterthought at all. It’s a wonderful continuation of a story I can get enough of.

So… inspired by the favorite comfort food of Jessica and her best friend, here’s my recipe:

Cap’t Crunch Berry Milk Shake

3/4 cup vanilla ice cream
3/4 cup Cap’t Crunch Berry cereal
1/2 cup milk
5 ice cubes
1/2 t vanilla
2 T sugar

Whip it all up in a blender and enjoy! I topped mine with a little Reddi-Whip. Mmmm.




Has Your Phone Ever Creeped You Out?

It will take you 35 minutes to drive home from here. This displayed on my iphone at a friends house. Having not entered my home address, I was a bit creeped out.

Thanks to the linking of facebook to my phone, I can also receive constant annoying reminders to attend events of people I barely know.

This all comes to mind during ALA’s Choose Privacy Week. Our privacy is something that many of us are giving away. <Insert Red Hot Chili Peppers – give it away now> We’ve decided to honor this activity at our library during the whole week with digital programming. Each day we post an informative link offering step-by-step instructions for making privacy choices in the digital environment. There really is a lot of information available about this but surprisingly not everyone knows were to find it.

I’m going to share the posts we used this week here, along with some that for one reason or another were deemed not appropriate for library sponsored distribution. I hope you learn something, or at least find something valuable to share. And certainly, if I’ve missed something, don’t hesitate to add a link!

Need help convincing someone that facebook privacy settings are important? Share this app: Don’t worry, it doesn’t post to your wall or retain any of your information.

Creeped out? Use this youtube video to adjust your facebook privacy settings: Also, if you really are serious about this, there are longer more indepth videos. I found this one adequate but feel free to get more committed!

Would you like some additional info on the state of privacy in the United States? Here’s a great -short- 8 minute PBS documentary:

Do you use WiFi in public spaces? Be smart & play it safe! OnGuard Online offers a quick tutorial:

Remember all those government computers hacked because the password was ‘password’? And we all decided they must be idiots? Don’t laugh until you know whether yours passes muster! Remember an ounce of prevention is the best medicine!

Consider your google dashboard: Super handy tool or super sleuth rat? Control what you share and with whom by monitoring your profile

Last but not least! That iphone – do you vow to share only what you want to share and nothing more so help you Pink Panther? don’t forget these privacy settings!!

How about a TED talk:

Or how about a whole ‘nuther link fest of awesome interactive tools to teach your own privacy class:

Great link to Choosing Privacy Week’s list of resources:

I could go on all day… I wish I had time to make this pretty and cute … but I wanted to share before I’m old and this is outdated!!