Almost Amish Shoo Fly Pie

Well bless my little heart… truly me, no make up & messy kitchen.

Did you hear the pixie voice? What is bonnet fiction she asks… in case you are curious.. bonnet fiction is a term that I inherited from a fellow librarian. Bonnets refer to the books that are Amish or Mennonite inspired. They earned that name by the bonnets that amish and mennonites tend to wear. Some folks are put off by bonnet fiction thinking that it’s foreign or would have little for them to identify with. I find that the books, when well written, just present the human condition and that is universal. But there’s not a lot of graphic language which makes them a safe readers advisory recommendation in many instances.

Finished product:


Kids wouldn’t eat it. They are afraid of molasses. Hubby LOVED it. His description: coffee cake in a pie crust. Guess I was all wrong with that pecan pie w/o the pecans!!

Have you read Almost Amish or any other Kathryn Cushman books? What’s your go to recommendation for Christian Fiction?


Menu 4/7 & bugging out

We have a new pest control plan(t)… How cool is this?

pitcher plant

This is a pitcher plant. We found it at the local Master Gardners Show. It was so funny. Little Man saw them from across the way. He starts yelling Monkey Pitchers!!! And sprints to the booth. In his enthusiasm, he takes over the booth telling them everything he’d ever read about these plants. Which apparently he’s been checking plant books out at the school library – he only checks out graphic novels at mine! Poor folks. The plant eats bugs. We will hang it outside the back door to hopefully eat all of the bugs before they get in. We felt as though we owed it to the plant sellers to buy one since they entertained our son. We also scored some chocolate mint, local honey & Georgia Olive Oil – did you know it even existed? Me either… I feel the need to make some artisan bread to enjoy that wonderful oil!

So this week I thought I’d have a better chance at a healthy week if I planned around veggies instead of a meat. So I checked this book out:


I fell in love with it and had no trouble finding more than enough options. It is a revision of this book:


Which I own. I didn’t realize it was a revision though at the time I checked it out. I think I actually prefer the newest one. The organization is different and the recipes seem a bit more doable for me… though maybe I just have more veggie experience and I’m just not as inimidated. Either way, I’m glad I checked it out. I think we have a good week ahead of us.

Here’s our plan for the week:

Sun: Bok choy w/ cashews & pork chops

Mon: Mexican style chickpea salad & grilled chicken

Tues: Chicken nuggets and Mac & cheese

Wed: Kale with brats w/ garlic bread

Thurs: Mushrooms truffle style w/ pasta

Fri: Cheese pizza (of course)

menu plan monday