Here’s hubby and I on the Gulf of Mexico. Love that place! We love to travel, eat and of course…. READ! We have 2 littles that tag-along and generally enjoy the same things we do. Because we do nearly everything as a family unit, you’ll find a lot of family read-alongs here. We’re not literary snobs either. We pretty much read anything. Though we aren’t afraid to abandon a book – Life is too short for bad books!!

This bio is from years ago and still incredibly accurate! You will find more about fitness than when the blog originated but hopefully that just improves the blog experience.

Mr. Hero – Retired ARMY, now works for the Air Force. He enjoys military and historical non-fiction as well as suspense and adventure fiction. He is also a self professed YA addict.

Me – Spent a lot of years as a stay-at-home or work-at-home mom. We homeschooled for a couple of years. When it came time to return to the work force I carefully considered what I would love to do so much that I’d be willing to do for free. The answer was library work. I now find myself struggling to maintain work/life balance. Hopefully my return to blogging will encourage that effort. My first choice seems to usually be non-fiction. I am a self confessed YA addict. I also enjoy memoirs, mysteries and any other captivating fiction.

Little Pixie is our teen. She loves adventure and humor. Animal or science non-fiction is a huge hit. I no longer require certain reading. As a high school student, her work load is pretty heavy. Now I’m just trying to make sure that she’s putting in her time on her flute!

Little man is our youngest. He loves graphic novels, especially super heroes. Mythology is another favorite topic. Video games are a steady diet in our house. The librarian in me requires that we balance this consumption of technology with learning to manipulate with coding. He humors me and creates random video games.

We are thrilled to share the things we love with you. Thank you for stopping in and hopefully sharing with us as well.


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