2015 Goal setting

Too late? Ah, oh well… I’ve thought about it and I’m ready to commit to a couple of goals.

Each year, I pick one word. The word works as a focal point for the year. It’s been extremely helpful in past years. This year, I’ve encouraged the rest of my family to join in. We’ve selected ‘Kind’ for our word. My kids sometimes struggle with treating one another with kindness first – like all normal siblings. This will be a good opportunity for us to continue to circle around and revisit this goal frequently.


I’m not big on resolutions. But I do have some goals for the upcoming year. I think if I share them, I’m more likely to be successful.

Blogging: I commit to 52 blog posts in 2015. Notice, I didn’t commit to one each week. Mr. Hero used to work with a cat guy and a non-cat guy. The cat guy frequently had to travel for work. He’d ask the non-cat guy to feed his cat while he was gone. The non-cat guy would forget and feed all of the meals on the last day. His explanation was, you left 8 meals, the cat got 8 meals. I don’t support that.. but I am accepting that November & December might be busy blogging months for me in 2015. I promise 52 blog posts, 52 blog posts will be published 🙂

Fitness: I love, love, love going to group fitness and the social aspect of fitness. Problem is I just haven’t found the balance in that yet. So, the fitness I most stick with happens at home. So I’m just going to embrace this. Instead of being discouraged by not being able to always do what I want to do, I’m going to focus on what I can and make it more pleasant. This means I’m transforming my basement room into a home gym. Maybe my kiddos will join me. I’ll save the specifics of this for future blog posts.

Professional: I would love to have a regional meetup of our professional library association. This is as much a step of commitment to new professionals having the opportunity to network, as it is my attempt to make finding professional staff for my libraries easier. With the number of librarians being pumped out of grad schools, it floors me that we did not receive a flood of applications for the position I recently vacated. To be fair, the applications we received were outstanding. Any of the ones that we interviewed are going to do amazing things. But they were all out of state!! I find it hard to believe that the great state of Georgia, with an outstanding MLIS program at Valdosta State University, didn’t have a leading candidate to offer.

So these are my goals. I hope that they interest you enough to join me on the journey of 2015.


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