I dropped the hint

and he picked it up!! I’ve mentioned in passing on here and IRL that my hobbies of reading & eating really don’t make for a tiny waist line. I enjoy running. Though with my long commute and the short days of winter, finding the time to run is difficult. But Mr. Hero gifted me with a much desired Jawbone UP24.IMG_1856

I’ve been stalking fitness trackers for months, waffling on which would be best and what my most needed features would be. Following a bunch of research, I decided that the UP24 was my best bet. I liked that it tracks activity, not just steps. It’s compatible with my WW ~ because you know I’m a dedicated WW girl. And it also tracks sleep quality. I didn’t realize that I’d get such detailed reports:


See there where little man woke me up? Glad my kids are a bit older – the orange of wake times in there would have been a heck of a lot more a couple of years ago. I’d love to hook Mr. Hero up to one of his own. He sleeps horribly.

I also didn’t realize that it had such detailed food journal, mood tracking, and coaching. Needless to say, I’m thrilled. I can’t contain myself. So while my blog will continue to focus on books & food, when I actually have time to share, it will now contain a sprinkling of my fitness efforts too. Because life has to be about balance, right?


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