On my Christmas list…

I only buy books I love. This is partly because I consider myself thrifty, my kids would say tight, whatever. It’s probably mostly because I’m really a book hoarder and any new addition is going to have to earn shelf real estate. So having said that, you won’t find many new or hot titles on my Christmas Wish-list. Instead you’ll find ones that I’ve checked out repeatedly, or have read excerpts of and they’ve proven themselves worthy. Here’s my list in no particular order:

Manual of Style

This one would definitely fall under the category of ‘something I need.’ I love, love, love editing. Unfortunately, I love it because of the challenge. It’s not something that comes to me naturally. In fact, in the library world full of English majors, I frequently feel as though I stand alone in my business background. Most of the time this is an advantage. Most of the time. Anyway, I’ve checked this book out a million times over. It’s now time that I need to buy it.


cake mix doctor

Here’s another one that I’ve checked out over and over and over. For a long time, I carried around the secret shame of being a from scratch cake failure. Frequently my scratch efforts felt as though they were made of lead. But then I read this blog written for home bakers. I believe them when they say that people will most frequently select a cake made from a mix instead of scratch in a blind taste test. I don’t know whether I’d say it was better, but I do believe that in general people prefer what is familiar and cake mixes are probably more the norm than scratch. So I say, embrace the cake mix. Own it. Love it. Make it special.

parenting without borders

I find myself still deep within the parenting trenches. This book offered a lot of encouragement. I loved the unique perspectives of different cultures. I find confidence in my choices when I know why I’ve made them. I generally enjoy reading parenting books but rarely feel the need to own one and return to it. Many books are preaching that the authors’ have it all figured out. If we’d only trust their wisdom, method, technique, our homes will be peaceful, productive, and successful. Which any parent with more than one child will tell you is a total crock. Every kid/family is different and there are no guarantees that what works for one will work for another. This book reaffirms that we are all just doing our best for our own reasons and sometimes it’s ok to stick with our own technique but trying out someone else’s isn’t such a bad idea either.

public library I really hope this one is in my stocking come Christmas morning. We always joke that we should have a television show. It would be a situation comedy with your standard collection of eccentric characters, and that’s just the staff!! Once you open the doors, and let in the public, well you better just hold on to your hat! There are so many bizarre instances that just aren’t taught to you in library school. For example, once a library patron wanted to use her ‘favorite’ computer in the bank. The problem was that out of the 12 or so computers, only 2 or 3 were already in use. Her favorite was one of them. A young man was working typing a report. The library patron approached and explained that she wanted to use that computer. He very politely explained that he was in the middle of something and she should use one of the open ones. She then began an exorcism as clearly the devil was at work in that young man’s body. How does one politely interrupt and redirect an exorcism? Very carefully. I’m certain that I’m not the only librarian with some stories up my sleeve. I can’t wait to read their’s.

Which books are on your wish list this year?



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