Week in Review: July 4th edition

Outreach, Business Services, Budgets. This week has had it all! Here’s my wrap up:

After a bit of a struggle, I’ve figured out how to download this video:

Community Spotlight – Henry Co. Library System from SCB TV 15 on Vimeo.

to archive for future use on my digital portfolio 🙂 Yay me. I know it’s completely minor for most of you but I’ve had some pretty big fish to fry lately. If you want to see me – I’m the second half of the Library duo.

Other notables of the week:

I received The Princess Within for Teens: Discovering Your Royal Inheritance by Serita Ann Jakes for review. Bonus 🙂

I am working my way through editing book review submissions for Georgia Library Quarterly. Georgia Library Quarterly is the professional journal for Georgia Librarians in all fields. In addition to professional content, librarians offer book reviews. We review works both fiction and nonfiction which focus on Georgia and the South. This is my first time around editing for them in Chicago Manual of Style. I’m sure I’ll get quicker but right now the learning curve is creating a log jam with my time.

I have an Outreach Library! – I share most of this stuff on twitter –

I’ve been offered a free spot at a farmers market. My suggestion for libraries: Farmers Market: Be there. The farmers market was by far the best return on my time investment for all of my outreach efforts up to this point. Over 200 people walked by my booth. Of them, 40 or so stopped to learn more about the library and our services. Well over half of those were surprised by a service that they didn’t know we offered. Some were frequent library users. Most were not. I’m trying the ‘book dealer’ approaching to hooking users. I’m making non-circulating paperbacks available at the market and other outreach events. Hopefully they bring them back to me or one of our branches. Eventually, I’ll give enough books away for free that folks will be willing to get a library card for an even greater collection of FREE books!! 

Another big project: Business Services took a huge stride forward last week with a meeting between the Small Business Development Center, the Development Authority, SCORE & me (public library). I went in with my own concept of how to work with these entities. Good news: I shut my mouth and listened instead of speaking. I learned I was a bit off track AND exactly what they were looking for and willing to provide. I’m now very excited that this project is moving forward in a new direction with full support of some very good assets and contributors. When it’s really rolling out I’ll update you.

And on a personal note, life has been too busy to even really cook! Yikes. But I’m learning to appreciate yummy food that can be created in stages. Here’s what I’ve done step by step all week long: Homemade Twix bar cookies.


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