Week in Review

Well good Friday morning! Can you believe we made it?!

Life is crazy busy lately with amazing things, so I think I’ll take some time to share these with you!

1st: Our library remains in fiscal crisis. Here it is in a nutshell:


Deadline is looming: July 1. We’ve made a commitment to not cut services until following Summer Reading Program which ends July 31st. The community support has been amazing but you can’t pay the bills with encouragement. We’ll just have to wait and see how that encouragement translates itself to the decision makers. Sometimes I wonder if a drive to switch from yearly budget discretionary allotment to mil rate funding would solve our problems… but then I see libraries with that brand of funding struggling too.

2: But life and library must go on. So I also spent part of this week visiting tattoo parlors 🙂 I did have to promise hubby not to come home with any more – which I won’t!! Though I did joke I’d come home with this:



But boy o boy I love those places!! So what do tattoos have to do with the public library? We have a great digital magazine service called Zinio. Zinio is heavily used by a few. So we are attempting to determine whether it’s because people aren’t aware of it or aren’t interested. We’ve selected a couple of special interest titles to promote. One of these titles is Inked. I distributed flyers advertising Inked with information on how to access it with a library card. We’ll watch the circulation of these items and hopefully have a better overall view of the situation. One staff member did offer a bit of discouragement that magazines are only for the older generation. Which not only discouraged my efforts but also made me think – hey, did you just call me old? So what are your thoughts? Do you read magazines? Do you buy them?

Another peak of my week: Teaching soap making at one of our libraries. I’d planned for about 5. 18 showed. We had a really good time. I enjoy the interactive nature of soap making and sharing something I love so much with our patrons.


One more perk: I spent one whole day at the circulation desk. Patrons and patron service is the heart of my job and why I do what I do. With the whole budget crisis, I was feeling pretty burnt out. A day with those that we serve really recharged my batteries. It was a very good thing.

Finally: I have had the privilege of joining our state’s professional journal as an editor. Today is my first meeting and I’m excited and nervous. Wish me luck!

I’d love to hear what you & your libraries are up to this week!


One thought on “Week in Review

  1. Nice article! Our library seems to have escaped (some of) the cuts and is still existing, albeit in half the building they had before. But they still have new books, nice books. It’s fine. (This is in the Netherlands where cuts have also been made and some libraries have closed or have very limited opening times).

    Tattoos? Brrr. Not for me. 🙂 Magazines, I like them (I’m 50) but I have no time for them (I read books instead). But they do appeal, generally.

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