Georgia library love..

If you live in Georgia and do not utilize your state parks, you are NUTS.  That’s right, I said it. Georgia State Parks are outstanding. Hiking, boating, camping, classes for the kids, and tons more. The YURTS alone have me completely smitten. So how in the world does this relate to Librarian Eats? Because here in Georgia, there is a partnership between the state library system and the State Parks. Each library has at least one of the State Park Passes. Check it out with your library card and you will receive a free parking pass and a pass for up to 4 people into the park. The pass does not cover activities or events, so if you want to stay in one of those fancy yurts, you’ll have foot the bill yourself. But who cares!


This past week, our family, like most of the country, spent a good portion of the week sheltering ourselves against the Polar Vortex cold. We were ready to either wring one another’s necks, or get out for a new experience. We decided to get out for a little fun. Thankfully the weather decided to cooperate.

We visited High Falls State Park in Jackson, Georgia. The Naturalist recommended that we explore the Falls Trail which is about a mile and a half hike. We loved it! The trail started with a boardwalk next to the falls. A few places had little overlooks to get a good view. The falls are what I would consider really high rapids, but I’m no naturalist. The sound was loud and the spray was high! The kids got a huge kick out of it.

I love the free fun of getting out and getting moving in great scenery. Certainly I love libraries. I love books. And I love technology. But in all things there has to be balance. Having access to free family fun, thanks to the efforts of the library to partner and support community entities, is priceless. Absolute win in the value added department.

If you live in Georgia, you should have a library card. If you have a library card, just once, check out the State Park Pass. I’d wager $$ that you won’t regret it.


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