The Drake Equation = Romance + Conscience

One evening I made note of my friend’s Kindle. I have one but don’t use it nearly as much as I thought I would. She said she loves hers! She uses it to read her romance novels in public. Are you looking for a romance novel that you aren’t afraid to carry around? The Drake Equation by Heather Walsh definitely fits the bill!

drake equationOur main character is Emily, an environmental activist. She’s doing her absolute best to save the world, beginning with her little corner. She meets Robert, a conservative. Robert can’t be considered her opposite though. He is equally passionate about his beliefs. Throughout the book Robert challenges Emily and her beliefs. He suspects that she hasn’t yet met anyone to truly face up to her and her beliefs. But I really didn’t see a weakness in her. She’s not a stereotype though! In fact, on their first date there is a hilarious moment when they are trying to sort through all of the social stigmas attached to different eateries to find one that might be acceptable to both of them. I found this to be true to life. If you have a group of friends that are passionate about their causes – ya better just plan on eating in! I’ve veered off course – I enjoyed Emily. She’s strong willed yet self reflective. Jessica Darling anyone?

All the while Robert is challenging Emily, and perhaps us (?) on our views – He seems to be reflecting upon his own as well. But no spoilers here!!! My only criticism of the book is that there are some characters that I would have loved to see more of. I really enjoyed both Rachel and Carson. They have great stories, some of which is told. I would love to see them more developed – but hey, I’m new to this author. Maybe she has their stories in the works and upcoming! If so, count me in!

So who would I recommend this to? Of course your Mommy friends who don’t want to be embarrassed about what they read for sure. But I wouldn’t stop there. This is a romance with a strong female and not a lot of graphic content. Have a smart, strong willed young lady in your life? I’d probably send this her way too. It’s a beach read that would allow her to look down her nose at the trashy stuff her friends carry around 🙂

In the interest of full disclosure, the author, Heather Drake, provided me this copy for the purposes of the review. I appreciate it & enjoyed it. I hope to work her first book, Dented Cans, into my reading list as well.

As for my menu – well to be honest… in real life I duplicated the first date with chili hot dogs & clams. Totally gross. Not gourmet. Completely delicious.

photo (4)


But for my recipe – if there were to be an overnight guest, I would greet him with this homemade wonderful breakfast. And if there were a break up, I would console myself with it.. See!!! Still no spoilers 🙂 It could go either way *wink, wink* Enjoy:

photo (3)

Chocolate Donuts made with Gluten Free Brownie Mix (no endorsement here – just good foolproof donuts!) I baked mine for about 18 minutes. They were perfect & folks didn’t know they were Gluten Free until I told them BooYa!



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