Halloween Picture Book Favorites

So some Halloween books are scary and some are just fun. We like a blend of both.

For Fun:

HalloweenSkeletonBig Witch & Little Witch are cooking up something special for dinner. Skeleton finds the list nailed to the tree:

For Dinner
1. Ghost
2. Ghoul
3. Skeleton

Good thing that Skeleton finds out before it’s too late! Cutie Patootie little story appropriate for all ages.

For a bit of creepiness:

halloweentailypoThis one is an old classic. Just enough creepiness to spook a little person, but not so much that there would be any lost sleep. Perfect around the campfire, spooky story feel. This seems to be a favorite for ages 6 and older.

True creepiness in a picture book:

halloweenOlClipclopThis book fuels the fear that all of us have of being alone in the dark. This has a true creepy feel with scary visuals. This is most appropriate for children who are comfortable with scary stories ages 7 and up. If you have an easily frightened child, you might want to hold off on this one at bedtime!

What are your Halloween favorites?


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