Better Late Than Never…

So last year I participated in a blogger Christmas Card exchange. I thought it would be a fun way to meet another blogger. It certainly introduced me to a fun blog: Fiction State Of Mind. Nearly a year later, I’m still stopping back. Obviously the blog is beautiful. Beyond that, Kai is a breath of fresh air. Her literary tastes sometimes run different than mine, which makes her a wonderful resource for me to stay current on readers advisory. BUT we certainly have some common interests: Star Wars, YA & a little Jane Austen for good measure.

Fiction State Of Mind

There are a number of regular features that I enjoy. One is the reoccurring guest posts from other bloggers. It gives me a great opportunity to find new book blogs and also rounds out her blog with additional genres. She also joins in multiple challenges. I don’t know how this girl finds the time! She’s not a full-time blogger, she holds down a successful career as a massage therapist! I wish I had time for these things, but I live vicariously through her for now. OOO I can’t leave off the contests! She offers contests too! Yi yi yi. This girl has it all.


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