A feel-good book destination

Apparently these places exist all over, but I’ve only just discovered one: GoodBooks Cafe. Georgia has two of these charming bookstores. The bookstores are a component of Goodwill Industries.

Good Books Cafe 2

They serve a dual purpose. While selling books to support the Goodwill mission, they provide an outlet for the culinary job training as well. Did I just say culinary, why yes I did! I’m talking coffee & baked goods 🙂 I saw that they also have salads & paninis but to be honest, I was blinded by cookies as big as my face!

Good Books Cafe

Sure, there’s fantastic food. Free WiFi. There’s cozy places to sit and read. But the real pull of this store is the books. Walls and walls of books. And CHEAP books! We’re talking Goodwill prices… $1, $2, $3. On best sellers, childhood favorites, even homeschooling curriculum. I’m in love.

Good Books Cafe 3

We all know and love the indy bookstore. It makes us feel good to support a person and not a corporation. I consider Goodbooks Bookstore & Cafe my feel good times ten. There are 2 in Georgia, but a quick google search shows them popping up throughout the United States. I highly encourage you to seek one out. It’s worth the trip.


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