Miss Moore’s Books

We are big fans of playing with our food ~ every once in a while. Miss Moore Thought Otherwise by Jan Pinborough gave us a perfect reason too!

Miss MooreMiss Moore Thought Otherwise is the story of how Miss Moore an unconventional young lady born in 1880 helped to open the doors of libraries to children. The book is a wonderful introduction to this period in history, geography, and an appreciation for the historical view of children. It might seem that a picture book covering all of this might be dry or dull. But that just isn’t the case! I think in part to colorful and charming illustrations by Debby Atwell. Following the story of Miss Moore, the author includes additional information on other Trailblazing Librarians – perhaps that is what endears her to me so much! I think this would be a perfect picture book to read aloud prior to a library field trip or tour. This would help the children to understand what a priviledge it is to be able to participate in the library lending.

We decided to make books to celebrate Miss Moore. I originally found the idea over at Catholic Icing with little Bibles. I intended to use it with my CCD class but time got away from me. Here’s a picture of her adorable little books:

photo courtesy of Catholic Icing

photo courtesy of Catholic Icing

Well aren’t those just adorable? I’m sure yours will look very similar to hers. She gives great directions. Here’s how I made mine:

Fig Newtons
Icing (massive quantities of powdered sugar and a touch of milk and vanilla extract)
Food markers

Trim the right edge off of the Newton. Spread icing over the top and sides so the book cover art shows nicely. Color in the design of your choice. Enjoy. That simple right? Here’s ours:

booksnewtonsPCan you tell we have an Erin Hunter fan here?

booksnewtonsAnd in the interest of full disclosure – we are food crafters. Not food artists or food stylists :o) They tasted delicious!


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