Make a List Monday: Favorite Family Read aloud Resources

We love to read aloud as a family. My favorite books for this purpose are those that give us plenty to discuss. A great example of this is Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes. This book is the tale of a boy who has his beloved dog taken. He searches tirelessly. This provided a lot of opportunity to talk about stranger danger and how to protect ourselves. But not every book has to carry a moral or virtue. Everytime you read with your kids you build vocabulary. The quality time also lets them know that you value them and their education. Oops, it appears I’ve mounted my soapbox. Let me just share my top five favorite resources for finding great family read alouds:

Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

Ambleside Online A Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum

Newbery Medal Winners

1000 Good Books List (one of many lists – if this one does fit your fancy google for another)

Of course – last but not least-


Does your family keep a read aloud going? What are your recommendations?


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