Menu 3/10 & endless excuses…

Hello! It’s so good to be back!! Will you forgive me for my absense if I tell you what I’ve been up to? What if I fill it with library geekdom? Because that’s exactly where I’ve been living – library geekdom – and LOVING every second of it. Indulge me.

1st – Let me introduce my MVPs (Mature & Valuable Patrons). These are my peeps. We are a senior advisory board of patrons over 55. They support the library with volunteering, advocacy, programming and most importantly – advisory services. They are a great focus group. Here’s my display set up in the library:

mvp display

They were part of the inspiration behind my research project: Services to the Aging at Perry Public Library As Measured By the ALA Guidelines for Services to Older Adults.  The research and analysis is complete. I’ve compiled it into a 24 page paper and submitted the rough draft. Ready for the good news? Drum roll please….  I’ve been invited to share it at the Graduate Research Symposium. I’m so excited. I love sharing my work with fellow library enthusiasts. I have not yet shared my work with research enthusiasts who are not library affiliated. This is a big step for me, and I’m very nervous excited about it. Wish me luck!

So enough about me… let’s get to the food.

Sunday: Grilled steaks, 3 bean salad, baked potatoes, fruit

Monday: Beef veggie soup, biscuits

Tuesday: Grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup

Wednesday: Taco salads, fruit

Thursday: Grilled salmon, rice, broccoli, fruit

Friday: Cheese pizza, fruit

Saturday: Bratwurst, cabbage, macaroni & cheese (for the kids – I’m indulging them), fruit

menu plan monday

That’s our week! I look forward to checking out all of yours as well!


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