Menu Plan 12/17/12

First – have you seen this commercial? I know it’s for HBO DVD gifts, but the titles work for book gifts as well.. HILARIOUS!!

Aside from gift giving – December is rush using by for me!!! Tell me it’s not just me in the whirlwind… we are trying to absorb and enjoy every single ounce of this Advent season. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a little fast and free with all of the sugar which affects my mood… so I am utilizing one of my favorite healthy food resources: Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook by Sarah Fragoso I love it so much that at some point I’ll have to actually highlight some of my favorites… anyway, I’m getting myself on track just in time… here’s the menu:

Monday: Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Bake with salad

Tuesday: (Daddy’s junk food night) hot dogs and french fries

Wednesday: Easy Pulled Pork and broccoli

Thursday: Meatloaf burgers with sweet potatoes and peas

Friday: Cheese pizzas 🙂 – hey it’s tradition!

Saturday: Out for Mr. Hero’s birthday

Sunday: Tacos corn and probably rice

I hope you all have a wonderful week leading up to Christmas!! Pop over and check out some other menus at MPM

menu plan monday


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