Menu Plan 12/2/12

See how much I love my job? I love it!

See how much I love my job? I love it!

First and foremost, I sadly do not have a video of our book cart drill team 😦 That was either the fastest moving parade I’ve ever been in, OR my book cart wasn’t built road worthy BECAUSE that parade took us to school. We had to scrap most of our routine and even revamp our walking formation!! It was wild – but hopefully it didn’t show.

Mr. Hero & Little Man walked along with us. Little Pixie had to sit it out due to her recuperating. She was disappointed. She felt like a million bucks even before we made it back from the dental surgery center. The whole experience has been very positive for her & me too, actually! The dentist actually called to make sure she was doing well and if I had any questions that afternoon. Love that kind of thoughtful care!

Anyway – on with the menu!!

Sunday – We ended up having the Italian chicken since the schedule was too packed yesterday. We went directly from the parade to go watch the school play. It was great fun seeing all of that talent in itty-bitty bodies.

Monday – Boy scout holiday carry-in. Our den is assigned dessert. We’re taking Rich Coffee Cake – **recipe later this week!**

Tuesday – Daddy’s junk food night. I think it’s really going to be pizza rolls. He does promise a veggie though.

Wednesday – Curry Burger Rice.

Thursday – St. Nicholas Feast Day!! We hope to have Lemon herb chicken braid in the shape of a crozier, broccoli & Stollen for dessert. I found this fun craft to make a felt St. Nicholas ornament out of felt as well.

Friday – Pizza night!!

Saturday – Tuna Noodle Casserole – not a kid favorite but certainly one of mine!

So here’s a little menu planning confession: I have uber picky eaters for kids. I don’t know how it happened. I’ve always served a wide variety of foods & didn’t become a short-order cook. I think I was mistaken that since they ate a balanced diet, they weren’t picky. BUT as I sit making menus and omit some of my favorites: shepard’s pie, tuna noodle casserole, chili, chicken pot pie…… I realize, HEY! These kids are picky!! So how do you handle picky kids and menu planning? Or are you blessed with foodie kids?


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