Are you sick of pumpkin yet?

I’m not… I can’t help it. I’m the lunatic running around buying up all of the cans of pumpkin at this time of year. When you can’t find it in August don’t come crying to me… I’m Elaine from Seinfeld. Only a few are pumpkin worthy. And yes, I realize that you can find pumpkin in the grocery most of the year. But this one time I really wanted pumpkin squash soup and there wasn’t any to be found. I went without. Carrying that sorrow with me, I stock pile. It’s who I am.

So I have 1 can of pumpkin and it makes two fantastic desserts: Crustless microwave pumpkin pie & Pumpkin brownies

pumpkinpie in a cupCrustless microwave pumpkin pie:

1/2 c canned pumpkin

1 egg, beaten

sprinkles pumpkin pie spice

sprinkles cinnamon

1/4 t vanilla

Whipped topping

Mix all together in a microwaveable cup. Nuke 2 minutes. Top with whipped topping. Mmmm

Then you have the rest of that can left… so this is what I decided to do with it:

pumpkin based brownie

PaleOMG posted these fantastic sweet potato brownies which I LOVE! But I had 3/4 of a can of  pumpkin. And it was STILL fantastic! Best thing ever? Everyone in my family eats these brownies. They have not a care that they aren’t horrible for them. Win.


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