Coffee Milk & a good mystery

I love a good who-done-it. I’m not much for the blood and gore ~ or even the psychological thrillers… But I love the challenge of trying to figure out who and why.. My current favorite is Cleo Coyle’s Coffee House Mysteries.

What I like about it: Clare is a funny, nosey independent woman with all of the insecurities as the rest of us. She’s likeable as are the other characters. What I like even more is that her novels don’t follow a repetitive tried and true formula. If you’ve read one, you haven’t necessarily read them all.

What I don’t care for: I find them over all enjoyable but I have to admit sometimes I skip over the coffee history details. They are interesting to some degree but I’m not trying to write a research paper.

This series is a bit of a cheater series for my food/book combos because the recipes are included!!! But not just for coffee drinks – main dishes, desserts, you name it. I just finished the Decaffeinated Corpse so I’ve selected a recipe out of it, and added a little twist for the holidays 🙂 In the book Clare serves something called Coffee Milk which is a sweetened coffee syrup mixed with milk. I used Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread Cookie coffee to make my syrup for an extra treat.


1 cup ground coffee

2 cups water

1 cup sugar

Start by brewing the coffee in your coffee maker. It doesn’t take long and creates a super strong cup or two of coffee.

Pour coffee into sauce pan and heat over medium. Slowly stir in sugar.

Simmer and stir until slightly thickened. Cool. Store in the refrigerator for up to one week.

To serve: Stir 2 T coffee syrup into a glass of milk. Adjust ratio to your taste.

It’s Nestle Quik all grown up!


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