Vietnamese… and includes a menu plan

This awesome lady introduced me to something Pho-n & fantastic ~ Consider yourself educated on the proper pronunciation of Pho, which is not Foe. Betcha don’t forget.

Anyway – this is The Inappropriate Homeschooler. Perhaps you’ve met? If not, stop by and see her… no food though, mostly just laughs. Perhaps one day she’ll teach us how to make Pho. It is a beef noodle soup that is more like a buffet than a one dish meal.  We put some rice noodles at the bottom of a bowl. Then some thinly sliced raw beef is layered on top. Then this amazing broth made from literally everything is ladled over the top. This cooks the beef. The broth is a bone broth with pork meatballs too. Heaven. Then top it off with cilantro, hoisin sauce and a squeeze of lemon. Yum, yum, yum. She learned to make this dish from her mother-in-law, it’s a family classic. This made me crave my favorite family classic: Cabbage Rolls… Mmm.

So here’s the menu:

Sunday: Cabbage Rolls with mashed potatoes

Monday: Hoppin’ John and corn bread

Tuesday: (junk food night) Chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese, veggie & fruit

Wednesday: on the road to hubby’s parent’s farm in Tennessee for Thanksgiving

Thursday: Delicious family togetherness… can’t wait. This year I get to contribute dressing. I like mine with apples, sausage, onions & celery. Everyone makes theirs different… what’s yours?

Friday: on the road home… I’m working the library Saturday. Hey, ya gotta read.

Saturday: Crockpot chicken, rice & veggie.

That’s our week. Since I don’t cook Thanksgiving on my own anymore, I happily cook all week-long. In years before we started heading to the in-laws, I would make cheater meals like baked potato bar, grilled cheese, or other easy peasy meals for the days leading up to Thanksgiving so I could prep the big show. How about your family? How do you spread out the work of the big meal?


4 thoughts on “Vietnamese… and includes a menu plan

  1. Now I am singing that song “Five One FIve Oh, somebody call the ‘pho-pho’…” 😉 That sounds delish. Do you cover your cabbage rolls with a tomato sauce or brown gravy? And I am a dressing-holic…I’d just as soon have only dressing and leave the turkey for someone else to enjoy. (Being Southern, dressing HAS to be cornbread based. Yum!!)

  2. I love your junk food night. We go to my aunt’s for Thanksgiving and she gives out some parts of the meal to people. We were always the bread/drinks people but this year we are in charge of dessert. I am making homemade pumpkin pie, sour cream apple pie and brownies.

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