Food of the Gods

I should just be upfront from the beginning… I have a love affair with YA. Sure there are other books that I snuggle up with on cold evenings, but when I’m with YA it’s fast and furious. I’m willing to go without food and sleep just to stay there in that moment.

This is my current infatuation. I’m in Book 4, The Battle of the Labyrinth. If I’m going to fully confess, I should also point out that I’m a dealer. I got my whole family hooked on them. They were able to read them quicker because I was busy reading scholarly journal articles on the importance of family literacy. Does anyone see the irony in that?

The Percy Jackson series is part of the action/adventure genre so popular with tweens. And according to CommonSense Media – my go to for age ratings – it’s completely appropriate for ages 8 and up. I can attest to it being completely entertaining for adults as well. I’ve always loved the idea of a family book club for parents and kids to bond. It’s a great way to discuss heavy issues without actually personally talking about them. This book series would be a great place to start.

Percy is a half-blood, born of a Greek god and a mortal mother. Trouble seems to find him where ever he is. He has an inspiring cast of characters that include girls, a satyr and various other mythical characters. Did you love mythology growing up? Do you want to round out a study of mythology with something fun? This series is great for you.

What I like about it: Percy has ADHD and dyslexia. He’s great for building self-esteem in especially boys dealing with these issues. Percy also has a great relationship with his mom. I have a pet peeve of any books targeted at kids that makes every adult out to be a total idiot.

Criticism: Actually, I loved the whole thing. However, I am aware that some Christian religions have a serious problem with discussions of mythology, magic or other non-Christian topics. In this book the gods of mythology are real and are honored and prayed to for help. If reading about this in a fictional setting is contrary to your religion then this series would be a bad fit.

Throughout the book the gods eat Ambrosia – well it is the food of the gods, no? So that’s what we had!

My Quick & Easy Ambrosia:

1 Lg can fruit salad w/ cherries, drained

1 banana, sliced

1 1/2 c tropical mini marshmallows

3/4 c low-fat vanilla yogurt

1/2 c coconut shreds

Mix in a bowl. Enjoy.

Admittedly, this isn’t your foodie gourmet. But it is delicious, easy & used up some of those canned goods cluttering up my pantry!

Have you read Percy Jackson’s series? Did you love it? (Please no spoilers… I’m not through yet!)


2 thoughts on “Food of the Gods

  1. I have heard great things about the Percy Jackson series and have yet to read them. 😦 Soon! BTW, ambrosia makes me think of my Maw Maw and holiday dinners at her house. 🙂

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