Let’s get it started, eh?

I haven’t had time to focus much on anything other than kids, grad school and work. Even hubby has done a lot of fending for himself. He’s a saint. Well, honestly the greatest asset to a grad student is a spouse that’s already been there, done that… They understand and are willing to offer never ending support. But my semester is nearing to a close and I’ve learned that I’ve junked up my kitchen!!! Junk food abounds. And even worse, I apparently forgot that I was buying random processed junk and bought even more!!! But I’m not going to be too hard on myself. Sometimes in life you make compromises to survive. For us some junk food got us through long hours and zero energy.

But, now that the semester is winding down AND I only have one class next semester SO it’s time to clean this mess up!!! I want to get back to more traditional foods… perhaps even Paleo should I be able to get that disciplined. I look forward to this blog keeping me on track and accountable ~ and sharing all of my book/food related babblings.

But first – waste not want not!!! So I’ll be taking my pantry and cabinets that look nearly like this:

My goal is to spend as little as possible on groceries as we eat our way through the ‘stuff’ that fills our storage space. I will replenish and meal plan with better foods.

Moving forward in the next few weeks, I’ll return to posting our meal plans – though you must promise not to judge 🙂 Here’s this weeks:

Bulk cooking of the week: Veggie soup to clean out the fridge.

Monday: Stuffed mushrooms w/ garlic butter gluten free noodles

Tuesday: (dad’s junk food night – this may never change) chicken nuggets, french fries, broccoli and fruit

Wednesday: Chicken quesadillas w/ salsa & corn

Thursday: Chicken in mushroom gravy w/ mashed potatoes and green beans

Friday: Cheese pizzas

**Bonus** bake sale day so I’m making s’more chippers perhaps I’ll post the recipe and pictures later.

Saturday: Fish tacos, veggies

Sunday: Mexican rice (rice, ground beef, diced tomatoes & corn – beans if I have any shoved in the pantry)

I’m posting my menu over at:

So what are you having this week?


7 thoughts on “Let’s get it started, eh?

    • You are so smart Lisa! After having spent the weekend inventorying, I’m sad to say that we had a lot of expired items 😦 Totally wasteful and I feel horrible about it!

  1. I’ve been without a pantry due to a construction project in our house, so that has been my biggest frustration. It’s hard to know what I have when it’s in so many different places. I need to do the same as you and work through what we have. Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. We always eat better and spend less money when I menu plan. However, I just haven’t been doing it. I need to get back into it. Good for you for doing so. 🙂 Liking the new blog, too. 🙂

  3. Hey you! Love the new blog! Don’t be too hard on yourself…if hubby fixes broccoli and fruit on ‘junk food night’…all will be okay. I’m sure the kids are loving it. 😉 The stuffed mushrooms sounds wonderful!

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